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Get more space by referring your friends

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posted this on December 03, 2013 16:19

How can I refer friends to get more free storage space on RealPlayer Cloud? Will my friends get bonus space too?

You can earn 1 GB of free space for each friend you refer who then creates a RealPlayer Cloud account using the link you sent them. And your friend will get an extra 1 GB of free space too! Or, if use RealPlayer Cloud to share a video with a friend who then signs up for a Cloud account from the shared video page, you will each get 1 GB of bonus space.

NOTE: Your friend must click the link in the invitation you sent, and create an account before downloading the app (if they're on a phone or tablet), in order for both of you to get the bonus space.

Here's how referring a friend works:

1. Sign into your RealPlayer Cloud account at and click Get More Space. You'll see a page that looks like this:

2. Click Refer a friend to RealPlayer Cloud. Enter one or more email addresses in the space provided:

3. You can simply click "Send" to send an email inviting your friend(s) to get a RealPlayer Cloud account; or, you can get a link to send from your own email client or via instant message; or you can share a link on Facebook that can be used by any of your Facebook friends. If you choose Send, you'll see a message at the top of the page that your invitation was sent successfully:

NOTE: If you are trying to refer a friend from within the RealPlayer software and are experiencing difficulty, please open in Internet Explorer and refer your friends from there--or just close the RealPlayer, re-open it, and sign in again when prompted (after clicking Refer A Friend).

You can check the status of your referrals at any time on your Get More Space page.

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